Gedanken_G-Certifica: Creating Value by Streamlining Onboarding Processes

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Lucas Madureira dos Anjos, CEO and co-founder
The diversification of businesses in today's economic environment has accelerated the need for large organizations to partner with suppliers possessing the capabilities to meet varied requirements. Organizations must collaborate with reliable suppliers with the highest standards of financial integrity and stability to minimize the risk of disruptions.

Parallel to identifying suitable partners, businesses in the competitive market cannot lose time in the tedious processes and red tape associated with onboarding and identifying suppliers that meet their requirements. This is where Gedanken, with its G-Certify platform, assists clients in mitigating risks and bypassing the bureaucracy associated with onboarding suppliers of their choice.

Using automation to verify and approve the documents provided by the supplier, G-Certify reduces the time to onboard the partner by up to 90%

"Using automation to verify and approve the documents provided by the supplier, G-Certify reduces the average time for approval by 90 percent, accelerating the overall onboarding process," says Lucas Madureira dos Anjos, CEO and co-founder of Gedanken.

Gedanken has developed G-Certify, a risk mitigation and onboarding platform that accelerates the certification and verification of documents by suppliers in an automated manner. The platform provides relevant data and credentials to establish a partnership, speeding up the process. The onboarding process for partnerships—usually stretching over five weeks—is completed within two days, depending on the client's requirements. The automated process enables clients to carry out operations, eliminate supply chain disruptions and, in turn, increase operational efficiency.
G-Certify can be integrated seamlessly into existing ERP, e-procurement, and stand-alone infrastructure, easing the deployment process. The AI-enabled G-Certify platform gathers intrinsic information by examining over 400 public and open-source databases and evaluating the data to provide clients with a better understanding of the supplier's operations. This process allows clients to analyze financial risk, delivery schedules, reputation, and image of the enterprise to make informed decisions. The platform's intuitive interface lets suppliers share additional information, answer essential questions, and undertake training on a centralized platform. Using automation to read the balance sheets and other data shared by the partner, it creates a repository for clients to organize and check the third party's documents at a single location, improving efficiency.

Relaying real-time information, Gedanken provides thorough knowledge about enterprises, enabling clients to plan. Gathering the information, G-Certify continuously assesses a supplier's performance and assists in managing their supply chain requirements. The platform, equipped with risk engines, automatically classifies the supplier's risk and rates vendor risk with verified data, vendor-reported data, and the client's risk matrix to help clients skip the tedious processes of assessing vast amounts of financial data. If the supplier's operations and finances alter over time, it immediately alerts clients of the change in risk. Through G-Certify, clients gain access to actionable decision-making insights at each stage of the supplier management process with standardization, indicators, and risk alerts.

"We not only deploy the platform but help clients with the methodology of the entire onboarding process and risk mitigation to foster a fruitful partnership," adds Anjos. Along with the platform, Gedanken’s founders and executives have extensive experience managing high-performance teams of large companies in purchasing, operations, expansion, finance, and sales.

Gedanken's G-certify platform assists numerous hospitality, construction, retail, and distribution companies in monitoring and managing third-party partners' risk. G-certify enables the completion of processes, necessitating multiple enterprise service providers on a single platform, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime. Providing extensive security and creating an atmosphere of collaboration through verified data, Gedanken, with the G-certify platform, is revolutionizing B2B partnerships by bringing visibility and effectiveness to supply chain management.


São Paulo, Brazil

Lucas Madureira dos Anjos, CEO and co-founder

Gedanken, a Brazilian-based company, has developed G-Certify, a risk mitigation and onboarding platform to accelerate the onboarding, certification, and verification of documents provided by suppliers in an automated manner.