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Keith Gregg, Founder & CEO
“If you build it, they will come.” This advice may have worked for Kevin Costner’s character in “Field of Dreams,” but it can prove catastrophic in business. Too often, great ideas, designs, and technology go underutilized, unable to provide the predicted return on investment (ROI) and leaving clients unsure of their technology offerings. Technologies in the finance space are no different. Keith Gregg, a prominent leader with over three decades of experience in executive leadership and financial services, asks, “How can a technology organization effectively partner with business units and business users to drive the anticipated value of technology spend?” In response, he founded Chalice Financial Network™ (CFN), an exclusive membership organization dedicated to empowering today’s leading independent wealth advisors with best-in-class, end-to-end wealth management products, and services offered via its digital marketplace, Chalice Advisor Exchange™.

Chalice Financial Network takes a consultative approach in helping small advisors scale their business and take the fear out of technology choices. The company achieves this vision by creating a roadmap focused on key business pain points that drive value for wealth managers. Gregg, the Founder and CEO of Chalice Financial Network, explains how more often than not, a wealth manager’s clients are invested in highly correlated assets, causing portfolio managers to drift outside of their core mandate (yet within the broad guidelines of the investment’s prospectus), making a small-cap growth fund look more like a mid-cap growth fund and vice versa. “Chalice Financial Network, in partnership with WealthForge, provides wealth advisors access to alternative investments for accredited investors like real estate and private placements that are non-correlated to the other investments in their portfolio,” adds Gregg. This allows clients to leverage WealthForge’s streamlined investment process and increase their compliance oversight over such investments using a purpose-built technology platform. As part of their offering, the company is developing a community dedicated to solving unique challenges for wealth advisors and entrepreneurs through a peer-to-peer collaboration, and guidance through the entire lifecycle of their business’ start-up, growth, succession planning, and sale.

Chalice Financial Network is dedicated to providing technology and services that support the success of our members and strategic partners

While further elucidating CFN’s capability in delivering both business and technology solutions to members, Gregg shares two case studies. The first example focuses on a wealth manager’s desire to provide health insurance to his employees within his benefits budget. The wealth advisor predominantly paid a flat rate for employees to purchase health insurance on the Affordable Care Act exchange. In only some cases did this cover employee costs. CFN’s partnership provided access to the nation’s largest PEO, enabling the wealth advisor to provide health insurance along with dental, disability, and vision coverage for all employees at the same price of his previous plan. In the second example, Gregg highlights CFN’s ability to negotiate scale pricing that delivered yearly savings of approximately $10,000 for a wealth advisor, which he reinvested in his business to drive future growth. “By himself, he didn’t have a loud enough voice to warrant preferred pricing, but in partnership with Chalice Financial Network he could take advantage of our group buying power,” says Gregg.

The company has a number of factors that help ensure a competitive edge: seasoned leadership that grew up in the wealth management/wealth management technology industry, a clear vision and goal for Chalice Financial Network’s future, a target market that demands help, and a budget-friendly SaaS-based pricing model. “Chalice Financial Network is dedicated to providing technology and services that support the success of our members and strategic partners,” concludes Gregg.

Chalice Financial Network News

Chalice Financial Network™ Acquires Succession Link And Forms Strategic Alliance With Oak Street Funding® To Launch Comprehensive Support Platform For Independent Financial Advisor M&A Deals And Advisor Loans

SAN DIEGO -- Chalice Financial Network ("Chalice," "CFN" or "the firm"), the leading member benefits organization for Independent Financial Advisors and RIAs, today announced that it has dramatically enhanced its offering with the introduction of Chalice Advisor Lending Solutions by providing comprehensive M&A support for advisors who seek to buy and sell books of business.

This new service strengthens CFN's offering, which already includes discounted pricing on technology and tools, marketing and complimentary lead generating websites, corporate services and support including HR, IT, payroll, and group health benefits.

As part of the launch of this new platform, Chalice also announced the acquisition of Succession Link, the nation's top online matching service for independent financial advisor M&A deals, as well as a strategic alliance with Oak Street Funding, a leading provider of conventional non-SBA loans for advisors seeking to buy or sell an independent practice. Chalice's preferred vendor relationship with Oak Street Funding also makes capital and M&A support available to advisors who are among Succession Link's 43,000-plus users. Succession Link members get 50% off membership to Chalice if they join by March 31.

Keith Gregg, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Chalice, said, "From identifying potential transactions, to obtaining deal financing, to expertise on transaction execution and business integration, we now offer the entire continuum of solutions that independent advisors need to buy or sell a business. Just as the wealth management industry is experiencing a wave of Baby Boomer clients transferring trillions of dollars in assets to Millennial heirs, thousands of financial advisors are preparing to retire in the coming years. The number of potential practice acquirers and sellers will continue to surge, and streamlined access to M&A guidance and competitive financing will mark the difference between success or failure for these advisors."

Chalice Financial Network

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Keith Gregg, Founder & CEO

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